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Solar Energy for Business. At Solarstream we are committed to helping business in Ireland save costs by introducing PV Solar as a sustainable energy source. 

At Solar Stream we are committed to helping business in Ireland save costs by introducing PV Solar as a sustainable energy source. Solar panels enable your business to generate it’s own power, providing renewable electricity to meet some or all of your energy needs.

Solar PV Solutions (photovoltaic)

As more and more companies are setting sustainability targets and committing to reducing their environmental impact, generating electricity on-site can make a significant contribution. Installing solar PV can be an excellent way to make use of a massively under utilised asset – your rooftop – whilst helping you accelerate your journey to Net Zero in 2023.

Generating your own renewable energy on-site has many benefits

Businesses can harness solar power with relatively simple technology to provide clean, renewable electricity for their operations. Generating your own renewable energy on-site has many benefits:

  •     A secure and reliable energy supply to meet some or all of your business’ needs.
  •     Improve your business’ resilience by relying less on energy imported from the grid.
  •     Be less exposed to volatile wholesale energy prices, and make savings on non-energy costs.
  •     Reduce your business’ carbon footprint with a lower carbon electricity supply than the standard grid mix.

Installation options

Rooftop Solar
Solar panels can be installed on the majority of roof structures and materials. Our partners will carry out detailed structural surveys to enable them to maximise the onsite installation and generation, whilst protecting the integrity of your building.

A solar system can be constructed on available land space. Following a ground survey, our partners will select a mounting system to best work with the land makeup and surrounding area.

Solar car ports
A solar car port can enable full optimisation of available ground space. The solar panels are mounted onto a frame that sits above the car spaces, protecting the vehicles from the elements and utilising the air space above the parking.

If you are interested in Residential Solar Systems or Business Solar Systems then please contact our friendly customer service team on to request a call back from our Dublin office.

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