solar energy ireland


solar energy ireland


solar energy ireland


solar energy ireland

Solar Panel Installation & Renewable Energy from Solar Stream

Get to know Solar Stream, the No.1  source for Solar Panel Installation, Renewable Solar Energy Ireland and Solar Power in Ireland for both Homes and Businesses. Starting in 2014 we have been working and supplying Ireland with Solar Panels at some of the most interesting projects both in domestic and business ventures. We have the experience and the professionalism to install your panels safely with care and consult you on the best energy solutions to suit your needs. Please contact our friendly team for advice, you can email us at or call us on +353-59-9118901

We will be happy to take your call and discuss options with you straight away or fill out our form on our contact page for a FREE no obligation quote!


Of Renewable energy that Ireland uses currently is Solar – Utilising Solar Energy means using 100% Irish energy

Cost of a Solar Energy System relative to average house price

Household & Business potential energy savings by installing Solar Energy System

We Provide Solar Energy Systems for the Following Sectors in Ireland



Solar Energy For Your Home and Your Family helping you save and invest in the future with Solar Panels. Cost effective and professional installation of Solar Panels on Your Roof.

Solarstream can install your system upfront with a small deposit and you apply the electricity savings you make to pay off the system over the remaining agreed rental period.

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Reduce your Carbon footprint and improve your Green initiatives.

Solar Energy is proven to be a cost effective way to reduce business electricity costs and improve profit margins.

If you own your own building or are part of an association then please contact us today to avail of potential savings year after year for your business.

finance options

Finance Options

Solar Stream is dedicated to protecting your investment and looks always to improve on energy costs and improve on your lifestyle. For a greener cleaner Ireland we look at and support many projects in the community.

From time to time grants are available in Ireland for homes, agriculture and business. Contact us today to see what may be available to you in your area.

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Agricultural Solar

Solar systems for agriculture and farmers of Ireland. Solar energy has vastly improved and assisted the Irish agricultural sector  by way of Solar panels on  barns and Solar Powered Farms.

Grant assisted and finance options are often available.

Contact one of our team today for further information.

solar energy ireland

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