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Solarstream Installs a ‘Pay as You Save’ – 11 kw / 32 Panel System at D’Arcys Top Oil and Convenience Store, Daingean, Co. Offaly.

Pay as you save: The  Installation was completed in less than a day and the system will generate 11,000 units of free electricity and deliver savings of circa €1,900 per year for the next 25 years overs its warrantied life, the savings made will pay for the system over 7 years. The Solar System will offset over 10 Tonnes of Carbon Emissions every year .

Solarstream would like to say a Big Thank You to Tom and his Team for Partnering with Solarstream and helping us make a difference and supply as much of Ireland’s energy needs by using the Sun on Irish Roofs and developing a community of customers who are self-sufficient and sustainable, reducing our footprint on our planet!.

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