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Solarstream have developed funding solutions to ensure that give everyone the opportunity to invest in a Solar PV system to harness the sun’s energy and produce clean, renewable energy.

Here at Solarstream we have developed our funding solutions to ensure that we give everyone the opportunity to invest in a Solar PV system to harness the sun’s energy and produce clean, renewable energy that provides savings whilst also reducing carbon emissions and creating a greener environment.

Solar Energy is the future. We see great increases in homes and businesses looking to switch to solar energy to reduce their reliance on the rising costs of the National Grid and also to do their part in helping the environment. As a society, we have become much more aware of our surroundings in recent years due to the awareness raised around climate change and the negative effects we are having on our planet. Solar Energy is the key to not only saving the planet, but also saving money and investing in the future of clean energy.

Our mission is to make Ireland green, to create a country that does not rely on fossil fuels for our energy but instead chooses to rely solely on renewable energy sources. To achieve our mission, we have developed flexible and innovative funding solutions to make Solar Energy as accessible as possible to all. We first developed our Solar as a Service funding model which has been our most popular to date as it allows customer’s to invest in a system without suffering from a large upfront costs. We developed this model by agreeing to cover the upfront cost of the system for our customers, and allowing for them to repay the cost of the system monthly over a 5/7 year period. It has been a great solution for our customers and we find that it creates a softer approach to allow people to invest in Solar Energy and future-proof their energy needs.

Whilst our Solar as a Service funding solution is perfect for the majority of residential and commercial customers, we wanted to go even further. With the likes of community amenities and charity run businesses in mind, we wanted to create a solution for the customer who couldn’t or didn’t want to have any upfront capital cost but who would benefit largely from reduced electricity costs. With this in mind, we developed our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The PPA allows a customer to go Solar without any capital investment and to start savings on energy costs right away.

How does it work? The client agrees to lease the airspace above their roof for 25 years. Solarstream installs the Solar PV system onto their roof, completely free of charge. The client then pays per unit of Solar electricity they use which is at a cheaper rate than their current energy provider and is at a locked in price for 25 years. Solarstream will monitor, maintain, and insure the system for 25 years, at no cost to our client. We can deliver 20-30% lower costs on your electricity by the renewable energy produced through the Solar PV system. We manage everything including design, financing Solar Energy systems, and maintenance. We incur the Capital cost and offer you a competitive low-price electricity solution. Not to forget, when the 25-year term is up, the Solar PV system transfers ownership from Solarstream to the client meaning that you get to own the asset at the end of the term. After 25 years, the system is still guaranteed to work at 85% of its potential and solar panels are presumed to have a lifespan of over 40 years. Also, should you move premises, the PPA is fully transferable meaning it can be transferred to new occupants should you move.

There really are no catches with this funding solution. It has been developed solely for the purpose of making Solar Energy accessible to all. We have to join together as a society to save our planet, by using the natural amenities such as the sun to harness energy and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels we can quickly reduce our carbon emissions and ensure that our planet becomes healthier and purer for our future generations. It’s a small act today to create a large impact tomorrow.

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