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Solarstream commercial have reported an uptake of the New PV Commercial Solar Grants. 

The new “Solar For Business” Commercial Solar Grants up to €162,500 for Irish Businesses and Organisations installing rooftop solar panels is being well received with businesses across Ireland.

In Ireland new solar grants that will go towards your Commercial Solarstream PV Solar rooftop installation are now available. The new grants mean businesses in Ireland can produce 7kWp of additional electricity for themselves from renewable energy. Previously grant applications applied only to 6kWp which translates to 16 Pv Solar panels and suits mainly roofs on houses, small offices, farm sheds and service buildings.

The new extended solar grants will suit a much wider range of commercial, institutional and public sector buildings and are welcomed by the commercial teams at Solarstream across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Under the new ’Solar For Business’ initiative now available, a tiered system of grants will be introduced starting at €2,700.

Why choose Solar PV for your Business?

Solar panels that produce electricity are known as solar photovoltaic (PV) modules. You can find out more about solar grants what they are and how we generate electricity from solar PV here. Take a look at some drone footage on different types of commercial solar installs on our case studies page.

Experience many benefits when you choose to install solar PV;

  • Reduce your electricity costs
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability
  • Contribute to reaching Irelands Climate goals
  • Receive a government grant of up to €162,600

Please contact our commercial team for more information of how you can go solar for your business or organisation today with grant assistance.

If you are interested in Residential Solar Systems or Business Solar Systems then please contact our friendly customer service team on to request a call back from our Dublin office.



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